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*waiting to hear from social security about what I need to do next. I had my physical on saturday, and it was kinda crappy. I mean, it was good that the doc was a woman, so yay! but other than that it wasn't good. because it's rly hard to tell where you hurt or how far you can bend when you're not hurting at that moment. I was pretty close to pain-free (omg, can you believe that?) for two weeks before my appt, so I didn't even have the ghost of pain to go on. and then two days after my appt, it started to rain, and now I've been in pain for 5-6 days, but whatever. :P the worst part of my appt was when she asked me to count back from 50 by 7 and I froze and maybe started crying a little. ha! /o\ so fucking embarrassing. no idea what that was about, but yeah. in the end I did it, slowly, but it was really nerve-wracking.

*toothache. under my gums. way up high above my teeth, actually. it's swollen, too. it only really hurts if I press on it, so I figure I have time before I have to scrape up money to go to the dentist, but yeah. that's weighing on my mind.

*my food stamps are running out (after today I'll be out completely) and I haven't been approved for more yet. funny story. not gonna repeat it. mostly Florida's fault, but I did have one vague warning. but when I checked to see what to do about it, I was told in two separate places that I didn't need to worry about it until February. unfortunately that was a lie, and I did have to worry, and I ended up losing SNAP benefits. so now I have no money for food! I have since jumped through all the hoops to get them back, but I still have to turn in one more thing, but yesterday I was on hold for 40 minutes on the phone to know that much, and THEN after I got off the phone realized that I needed my case number in order to do this one last thing. I don't have my case number. I do not have ONE SINGLE scrap of paper with my case number on it, and now I'm going to have to call back and probably stay on hold for another 40-60 minutes just to get it. >:(

SO YEAH. being poor sucks. I have this secret list in my head of things I can do/buy/stop worrying about if I get SSI disability. *dreams*
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in need of help.

anyone willing to drop a check or money order in the mail to me in exchange for two ($300 total) Visa gift cards? PM me.
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meds are ripping my stomach to shreds
the weather is doing weird things to my back (ow)
I have bills... coming out of my ears
still can't leave the house, jfc wtf

if anyone wants to help with my electric bill, which is out of control (mobile home, because of the A/C, must keep meg cool for seizure reasons), PM me? it's $160 and I can't afford it (and they don't take paypal)

OR if you wanna help out with the gas/meg & me doc appt stuff, which is eating us up, paypal works.

or if you have tips on getting my meds to stop making me run to the bathroom all day, those are appreciated, too! \o/ (I've been trying to eat, but my appetite is gone as well, so a few mouthfuls of yogurt are all I'm getting down during the day)

I feel like a creep.


Feb. 13th, 2013 11:49 am
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I put two shirts up on ebay if you're interested.

One is a Shiny! shirt with Jayne from Firefly. (women's XL) SOLD!

The other is a Threadless shirt (currently going for $20 @ Threadless) featuring Red Riding Hood being a BAMF. (girly XL)

Neither of them have been worn.
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It is so windy that it's knocking out our power. We've had a couple of outages today so far, but the electric company is keeping on top of things. So far, anyway. But the wind is really bad and we're worried it might do permanent damage to the house or surrounding trees. (as in, we're worried a tree will come FLYING through the house, but we're trying not to voice that fear out loud)

MY THREAD AT THE WORDS & DEEDS LOVE MEME I know, I've already told you about it and all, but I am very much in need of love and feedback lately.

[community profile] getmikeylaid is open for prompt claiming now. We there are 104 prompts to choose from! Well, 103, since I've claimed one of them. I kinda want to claim one of my own prompts, but I'm going to wait and see if someone else wants it, first.

Speaking of prompts and claiming, over at [community profile] snape_potter you can leave prompts for the Snarry-A-Thon. I read one of the prompts on the LJ post and went 'OMG I WANNA WRITE THAT' but I don't know if I'll get it in time. I can't wait for the claim post to go up, I'm going to scramble to get that prompt. lol

Thank you to the people who want to help me out money-wise. I'm sorry I haven't answered all my comments/emails lately but the internet has been sporadic and I have been very stressed out fannishly and personally.

If you would like to help me out, my paypal is I could really, really use the help. I know most of you don't have the money to spare, and I hate asking. But yeah. If you can, just $10 or whatever, that would be so great. Meg's SSI check is the only income I have, and paying mom back (for the attorney's fees re: guardianship) with what's left of it after bills will take me six years. No shit! I worked it out.

I missed Cabin Pressure today! I'm going to try to listen tonight.

I'm working on my Werewolf Big Bang instead of my other WIPs. Wanna know why? It's because it is IDFIC. And idfic always comes out faster and easier for me. I'm so invested in this story. It's werewolf!Stiles with bonding and h/c and pining and cuddling and the wolf pack being family. *happy sigh*

I have plans to put my skills to work to make some money. Cross your fingers for me.
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Toshiba Canvio 1TB external HD - barely used, I'll wipe it before I send it. (it just has POI eps on it) best offer including shipping. (they're going for around $65-85+ on ebay)

iPod Classic, silver, 80GB - scratchy. best offer including shipping. (going from $50 for broken ones to around $100-125 for non-broken ones. mine still works and everything! comes with newish earbuds in different sizes) I don't know what generation it is, but it does play video.

really nice copy of Leaves of Grass - almost new, hardcover, bound in green with gold-edged pages. paid $40, will take $30 + shipping OBO.

e e cummings complete works - like new, hardcover with dust jacket. best offer including shipping.

I'm having a really really hard time financially. Meg's court costs are going to be high, and then there's prom, and she needs shoes and new jeans, and life has just not been kind money-wise. BROKE.

my paypal is if you want to contribute without buying something. 'cause you can do that, too. I was hesitant to ask for money straight out the other day, I'd much rather pay things back, but I was trying to budget for this whole guardianship thing and I realized there's no way. no way.

note: someone asked the other day if I would write fic for donations. some people will write fic for money, but I don't. I don't judge those who do or anything, it's just that to me, fic is free. we work on a different system. I don't see myself taking money for fic unless it's a charity thing.
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hi. am in a tight financial situation.

my oldest son's birthday is almost here and I can't afford to buy him something (I wanted to get him a book which is $18.00 + shipping). But anyway, the reason I can't is because I have to pay for attorney fees and court costs (I have no idea how I'm going to do this, but I'll figure it out somehow) in order to be named as Meg's legal guardian. This is something required by law here when she turns 18, and it takes awhile so we're starting early. My first appointment is coming up and I have to pay $50 up front.

so ugh. can anyone loan me about $25 until the first of the month?

(I feel like such a loser.)

EDIT: taken care of! thank you.
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okay, stuff about me that's not fannish.

wait, y'all already KNOW this stuff. didn't I just do one of those 'about me' posts where I pretty much told you my life story?

lemme think of something I haven't said recently: oh! I'm looking to get into freelance writing again. a new friend (I met him on OKCupid) is setting me up with people, or something like that. idk, I'm not completely sure yet. I do need money though. I am DESPERATE for money. I also considered drawing mosaic patterns and stained glass patterns to sell on etsy. still might. I'm not sure.

I have bipolar II, did I tell you that? I'm on meds, lots of them, and I'm more stable than I've been in a long time. So I'm hoping I can do some work at home stuff without freaking out. in the past I tried but it didn't really work out because I was just ... crazy.

ask me anything! I'll answer as truthfully as possible.
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I have $138.78 in SNAP to last me until Jan. 5th. It seems like plenty, but when you factor in how much the boys eat and it's going to be five of us for two weeks ... well. I don't know.

Does anyone have some bright solutions? Healthy-ish kid-friendly CHEAP recipes? Because all I can think of is hamburger helper and mac & cheese with hotdogs. That's fine some of the time, but not for a solid two weeks. I have a recipe book with cheap recipes in it, but most of the stuff isn't all that cheap nor is it kid-friendly food.


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