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I spent the day with Steve. First, he took me to my polling place and I voted. Then, we went and saw a movie called Argo that has me thinking thinky thoughts about race and whitewashing that I really don't want to get into. I enjoyed the movie. The whitewashing did take away some of the enjoyment, though, as soon as I figured it out.

Then we went to Steve's polling place and he voted.

Then we went to a tiny BBQ place and had an early dinner.

Oh, and I seem to be writing Snarry.

OH ALSO ALSO ALSO! If you want me to write a Teen Wolf story for you, why don't you bid on me at FandomAid and help victims of Sandy at the same time? No one has bid on me yet, so you have a good chance of winning! :P MY THREAD IS HERE HERE HERE.
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DATE. It went well. I had a good time. It wasn't ~magical~ but I was comfortable (very important) and didn't spontaneously start talking about goblin bukkake. Although I did talk about my Dragon Big Bang and Iron Man 3 and the Winter Soldier and daleks and the TARDIS. :D all of these topics of conversation went over WELL. He's as big a geek as I am, yay! (Also he showed me pics of his daughter's Halloween costume and she went as the TARDIS. :D :D :D

Food was good. It was my first time at the restaurant. We went at 2:30 so that anxiety was kept to a minimum (no crowd).

So, overall, first date was a success! I have hopes for a second!

(Next week I'm supposed to go see a movie with Steve, too. YAY ME WITH THE DATING!)

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Oct. 2nd, 2010 08:02 pm
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...and I had a really good time. We went to see Inception and then got some food at Chili's. And then later I actually met her parents, who seemed cool and didn't seem to hate me! \o/

There was a mixup with my mom over what time we'd be getting back, and then my mom and I had a fight after I was home. Not fun.

But I'm trying not to think about that and focus on what a great time I had and what a cool person Jess is. :D
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I have a date with an awesome lady and omg, I am CLAMMY and DIZZY and my STOMACH HURTS when it is not churning with NAUSEA. This is ridiculous.

But we are going to see Inception today and it's going to be awesome. As soon as my anxiety settles a little.

Wish me luck!
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So I was having some nice messages with a guy and he gave me his phone number (and I said I couldn't call, phone issues) and he gave me his yahoo addy so I could IM him.

After some discussion, I mentioned honestly that I'm dating someone and that we're both comfortable with the other dating other people.

Me: Full disclosure: I'm dating someone right now, but we both have agreed that dating other people is okay, as long as we are open and honest with each other.

Twenty years is a long time. How long have you been single? I've been divorced for five years now.

Respectful and honest, right? Keep in mind that he seemed like a completely average guy. He wanted to meet me in person! I said I wanted to get to know him online first.

His response to this last message was this is the stupid shit I am talking about. And I was worried about you being afraid of me lol. I just spent 20 min of my life three times plus wondering if you would even msg me back for this shit. wow. what a waste of time. so far only thing I have seen on here is crackheads fat asses, players, lesbians, and women with god so far up there asses they cannot breath without praying first. I meet more interesting people at the convienent store. see ya.

WOW. He seemed so normal!


Jun. 29th, 2010 07:39 pm
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I went on my date. It went well. I really like the guy, and he's extremely honest and forthright.

We ate Mexican and then went for a hike at the state park. It was awesome, really.

I'm really too tired to tell you more.
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sga_kinkmeme on DW
Banner by [personal profile] green

Prompt post is open! :D

I don't know if I'll end up writing anything for the meme, but I will try. I have to come up with some awesome prompts to leave.

I am so anxious today, and my date is tomorrow, and I'm so fucking NERVOUS about that. I don't know how to socialize! You have to really get to know me to like me! Even people who know me well don't like me! ACK.

I am considering writing an original story and publishing it via Lulu. I only know a little bit about it so far, but I really want to write these characters in my head. I don't know, I don't know. I will see what happens.

Can't write much of anything else. These characters have taken up residence in my head and they are all I'm really thinking about when I think about writing. Which is bad, because I need to get back to my [community profile] kinked story. :\
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Driving to Gainesville today to pick up DJ and give Zach back. Not looking forward to the drive, or being away from the internet.

I have a tentative date for next week with a pretty cool guy named Thomas. Or Toby. He says his close friends and family call him Toby, so I'm calling him Toby in my head. He's an outdoorsy guy, so I don't know how well we'll get along, but so far online we get along well. He's smart and seems awesome. He's 38.
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Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

Yes, I'm listening to The Cure.

I can't wait for the new True Blood tonight. Nicca and Adam are coming over to watch it with me. Awesome! Did I mention that they are roommates now? I hope it works out well for them. I think I might smell a bit of romance in the air for them as well. At least, that is how it seems. I haven't seen them together in about a week, so I will know better when I see them interact tonight.

Someone on OKCupid actually messaged me BACK. I am excited. One of these days I'm going to have a significant other again, and it's going to rock. Hopefully.

I've been really crazy in the brain lately and I want to apologize to people I've whined to about it. On the other hand, I want to thank the people like Amy who always listen and offer hugs and don't judge me for being mentally ill. It is good to have friends like her.


Apr. 9th, 2010 11:34 am
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My project is proceeding apace. LOL I LIKE SAYING THAT. Seriously though, I'm doing this awesome thing and I want to share it with you so badly, but part of me wants to keep it a secret. YOU WILL KNOW IN DUE TIME. hint: right now I'm writing the Mikey/Gabe parts and it is awesome. And I have 13k words written so far.

Meg is sick today, woe. Throwing up sick. WOE.

I have a date on Wednesday. I don't know much about the guy other than he's smart and funny, but he's 24 and probably too immature for me. WE WILL SEE.
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I'm working hard on my new project. I've got six thousand words so far, with many more to come. This is FUN.

So I beat FFXIII and I'm working on the side quests, which are INFINITELY harder than the end boss. I've gotten stuck on one part I can't seem to get past, so I'm taking a break from it. It's such a fun game, though. Really awesome. I love it.

I possibly have a date on Wednesday! I'm not exactly way way interested in the guy, but I really want to go out with someone.

Did you see the new pictures of MCR? I'm sure you have if you're in bandom. All I have to say about them is that I love Gerard no matter what he's doing with his hair. I might even love him more.
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Another good day! I've been doing the twitter thing more often. I need more people on my twitter feed. Add me!

My computer is completely fried. I get it back tomorrow from the place. Hopefully.

Money problems. Blah. Paying to have my computer fixed is NOT HELPING.

Going out with Adam tonight. Hopefully we'll see Sherlock Holmes, but I'm not sure we'll get there on time.

Doing the OKC thing again, and I also signed up for I'll let you know if anything pans out. Mostly I just want to date different people and have fun.

I guess that's all. Love you all. :)


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