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[community profile] getmikeylaid's prompt post is closing tomorrow, so don't forget to leave your prompts!
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My [community profile] getmikeylaid fics have been posted!

Title: Mikey Gets His Man
Fandom: MCR
Pairing: Mikey/Ray
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Mikey is a size queen

Title: Wired
Fandom: MCR
Pairing: Gerard/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Gerard/Mikey – blankets
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Get Mikey Laid: (2 prompts) due June 14-21
Vampire Big Bang: rough draft due August 1st
Kinked Big Bang: due September 1st
Werewolf Big Bang: rough drafts due September 25th

I really need to get to work on my getmikeylaid prompts, but this vampire fic is taking up all my time and energy. woe.
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Today is the last day to claim a prompt at [community profile] getmikeylaid! There are plenty of prompts left, and you can claim up to 3. Fics only have to be 500 words. You can doooooo this!


In other, more personal news: I can't write. I'm trying, but it's not coming. I think the pressure is getting to me, I mean, I signed up for things and now I'm going 'omg, I can't!' Also, it's like that writing part of my brain is not working at all. I've been making graphics and textures and playing around in my editing program, and thinking in COLORS and LINES instead of in words, which makes writing difficult.

Does anyone have any advice for me to help me get out of this rut? :(
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I feel a little guilty that I got first pick. :P
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Figure skating comment fic meme HERE

Meg didn't go to school today; she's very upset about something. Crying a lot and I don't know what's wrong. :(

The maintainer of [community profile] angelsandkings gave me admin privileges in order to do a comment fic meme here on DW for 3WFD. I am thinking of starting it tomorrow, who's in?

Prompt post at [community profile] getmikeylaid is closed. Claim post will go up on Thursday.

My back is KILLING me. I slept hard last night and must have slept in the wrong position or something.

Have I recced [personal profile] lim's new True Blood vid yet? It's AWESOME.

Will try to write fic today, but I'm not making any promises.
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This is the last day to post prompts at [community profile] getmikeylaid!!!

I'll be closing the prompt post tonight, so make sure you get yours in! Remember, het, slash, crossovers, threesomes, moresomes, and GSF are all encouraged as long as it features Mikey Way. I'm really looking forward to someone claiming Mikey/Ronon Dex. :D

Claim post goes up on May 6th. (my birthday!)

Boost the signal in your journals if you will, please. I want as many participants as possible.
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First of all, go post prompts at Get Mikey Laid, please. :D?

Also, a poll. Do you want to read my WIPs and cheer me on as I go?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Do you want to be on my Big Bang filter?

View Answers

6 (100.0%)

EDIT: UGH. For certain reasons I'm going to post it at LJ, so if you wanna read it, commment there and forget the poll.
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It's officially Monday in my end of the world, so I'm posting this now.

Get Mikey Laid

Prompt post will be open until May 3rd. I know that's a long time, but I'm going to be in the hospital with Meg for a week of it.

So go! Leave prompts! And then tell your friends.
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Leave your ficlet or writing meta prompts here, and I will try my best to do them for the Three Weeks fest. Ficlets will be about 500-1000 words (unless they grow)


due South
My Chemical Romance
Star Trek: Reboot
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fics and meta will be posted ONLY to DW for three weeks.

ALSO: [community profile] getmikeylaid [community profile] getmikeylaid [community profile] getmikeylaid
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Goooooooood morning, internets!

I woke up to it again -- TMI of the poopy variety )

I finished my dS fic and sent it off to beta. It's a full 10k over what it was supposed to be. But yay writing! Today I hope to start on my Vampire Big Bang because the story has been banging around in my head and I need to tell it.

I want to write the werewolf fic, but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

I am not signing up for any more challenges. Nope.

I am going to post a poll and prompt post later for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. I will write short fics (ha) and writing meta (double ha) on the topics YOU choose. But the content will only be at DW, so keep an eye on this journal.

I'm considering not crossposting for three weeks. I don't know if I can doooo it. Maybe I just won't crosspost the actual ficlets and meta.

There wasn't a lot of interest on my poll about Get Mikey Laid. I'm assuming that is because my flist is smallish on the bandom side? It CANNOT be because people don't like Mikey. I refuse to believe that. I still think I will try to run a smallish fest for it, though, and hope with some advertising it garners more support.

I would like a larger bandom community on Dreamwidth. Maybe I will start a squee comm, where comment fic and picspams as well as longer fics are welcome. Is anyone interested in something like that? I could start with a friending meme for DW and then move on from there. IDK, just thinking out loud.
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Seriously thinking of running a Mikeyway-centric ficathon/fest/challenge thing. Just gauging interest right now.

Poll #2735 Get Mikey Laid
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

Would you be interested in participating in a Mikey-centric ficathon?

View Answers

2 (33.3%)

2 (33.3%)

No, thanks.
1 (16.7%)

only if it's (something I will tell you in comments)
1 (16.7%)

Get Mikey Laid should be:

View Answers

a ficathon - everyone is assigned their prompts
1 (16.7%)

a fest - everyone gets to post multiple prompts and pick from them
4 (66.7%)

a challenge - no prompts, just write Mikey-centric fic/draw art
1 (16.7%)

(Poll is at DW.)

If I have enough people interested, I will definitely do it.


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