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this part has rimming and there's no lube or condoms. also angst.

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cheerleading appreciated.
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short part today. have been stuck for days on the next scene. :\

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cheerleading greatly appreciated! I kinda need it, actually.
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cheerleading very much appreciated! I am so excited that this is being read and enjoyed. :D
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writing update: I have 9400 words.


I am really loving my story. I lifted a lot of the plot, but it's entirely different with different characters playing the lead roles.

For example, spoilers for logan's run )

I am going to write side stories with Ray/Mikey that fit into this universe but don't fit into the story I am writing. Maybe after I finish, or if I get bored of what I am writing? I'm not sure. I've already written a scene in the fic that definitely needs to be more elaborate and in Ray's POV instead of Gerard's. :D If you're reading along, you should know which one.

because your love, your love, your love... is my drug

I have to go to therapy. In order to deal with the agoraphobia, I have to leave the house. THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT.

I have a Buzznet now.
There is nothing there yet, but there will be soon!

Also, I am no longer posting at dA because of their skeevy gender/transfail. I started an Artician account. There's not much there yet, either, but I'm going to be posting wallpapers, banners, and resources there as well as here.
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cheerleading appreciated. I thought I'd never finish this scene. :\
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first part

(also, this part has mikey kissing gerard's neck. or maybe it was vice versa. but it's okay, it's just the sex drugs. :D?)

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I only wrote about 800 words yesterday, but since I wrote 6k Monday it's okay. I just don't like this scene I'm stuck on very much. It has to be written, though. I've written two more sentences today, but it is early and hopefully I'll get this scene finished today and I can move on to something better. (It's an action scene, and it is interaction with an OC. I don't like writing action scenes and OCs are not fun for me.)

I am almost half finished with my [community profile] fandom20in20 icons. :D I'm stuck on the last Theme prompt, though. Grar.

Please please please comment on this post and tell me something. I don't know what. Request an icon or ... whatever. I am in dire need of interaction.

Also, I am posting more to Tumblr. Yesterday I spammed with tentacles for Tentacle Tuesday. Today is Robot Wednesday.

--> <--

COMMENT. Tell me what you are doing this very instant. Tell me what you are wearing. Post a pic. Request a gif. or a drabble. rec me something, I don't care.

I am waffling on whether I will sign up for Yuletide. WAFFLING. There are pros and cons!
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Title: Children of Tomorrow
Fandom: My Chemical Romance – fusion with Logan's Run (film)
Pairing: Gerard/Frank, Ray/Mikey, others implied
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: minor character deaths, the ripping off of sci-fi plots from the 60s and 70s
Summary: In the 24th century, humankind has survived overpopulation, pollution, famine, financial collapse, and war. The Children of Tomorrow live in a domed City, cut off from the forgotten world Outside. Everyone lives a life of pleasure and leisure, freed from work by the auto-mechanisms programmed by the Thinker, a supercomputer in charge of running the City. Everything is perfect except for one tiny catch...
Notes: Written for NaNoWriMo 2010

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Oct. 31st, 2010 10:39 am
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I AM SO EXCITED FOR NANO TO START! I am greenie-green on the site if you want to add me as a buddy. I'm going to be posting what I write as I go along, so if you're interested in Frank/Gerard utopian/dystopian fic, stay tuned!

Should I make a new journal for the fic or just post it right here? YOU DECIDE.

Today I'm tweaking my outline a bit and gearing up to write. Who all is participating? I'm calling this my first official year doing NaNo, even though I tried and failed twice before. But I never banged out more than 2k words those times so they do not count. Okay? :D?

also, also:
give me your address so you can get a holiday card.
gif and icon request post.
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I finally settled on a working title and it was none of the ones I first thought of. Funny how that works. I made a cover!


I can't wait to get started on it. I just have to keep coming up with things to do before November 1st.
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I made an outline using mindmapping software called FreeMind. It's free and it's AWESOME.

tinypic resized my outline, but you can get a pretty good idea of what I did if you squint

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So anyway, Nano is going to be Frank/Gerard, sci-fi, future with robot overlords, Logan's Run fusion (with some changes, but really not many. I'm staying pretty close to the film but not the book or the series or the comics). :D?

The question I need you guys to answer is: should I post it as I go along?
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I had a time making this icon. But it is made, and it is shareable. :D Just let me know if you are snagging it and don't forget to credit me!

This is the link to my Nano playlist:
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I am so excited for Nano! Today I outlined the beginning of the story and made a playlist.

playlist! )

I will upload it if there's interest!
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 12

What should I title my nano?

View Answers

3 (25.0%)

1 (8.3%)

Key of Life
1 (8.3%)

As We Follow The Sun
8 (66.7%)

Crux Ansata
1 (8.3%)

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I signed up for NaNoWriMo, but only because today I came up with the most brilliant fusion idea.

To give you a hint: I'm either going to title the fic Carrousel or As We Follow the Sun.



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