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* I had my disability hearing in August and my attorney assured me it went well. I will find out whether or not I'm approved some time in the next 4 months or so.

* went to dentist for exam. abscess was confirmed. choices were given. panic attack was had. appointment for root canal scheduled.

* have been off and on doing vid-type things. mostly thinking about vidding and then converting source.

* finished watching all of Hannibal. that show sucks you in and twists your brain. I read maybe 3 fics before deciding the fandom wasn't for me.

* bouncing around other fandoms for reading. Teen Wolf (Stiles/Peter), MCU (Bucky/Tony), any Highlander (as long as it involves Methos) crossover ever, and Inception (Arthur/Eames) still my favorites at the moment. Though I am following a couple SGA WIPs somewhat religiously.

* ...I just ran out of steam. I wanted to say more in this update but bleugh. :\
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being broke SUCKS SO BAD.

and medication is too damned expensive.

and I owe mom money still, I owe her money from JULY, and she hasn't even mentioned yet what I owe from after July since I haven't paid that part yet.

and then there are things I would like to buy just for myself, just a couple of little things like BB cream and new lip gloss and a bra that fits AND is comfortable. and maybe one of these days I could get a haircut because I am so sick of ponytails. but none of those things are necessities, so I hate myself every time I look on the Sephora site or browse bra sales.

so sick of this.

also. also. there are both good things and bad things about the way all the fic is on AO3 now and people post most of their other fannish things on Tumblr instead of it all being mixed up with personal RL things at a journaling site. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, because the way I interact with others has changed dramatically in the past few years, and I am mostly hating the part where I feel like making friends has become more difficult, or at least a completely different process altogether than what it used to be.
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you guys! I had no idea people even still ran fic awards! but I found out because apparently I'm nominated. \o/ (and following links has me so nostalgic for Buffy fandom, especially when links reminded me of the BTVS Writers Guild. Say what you will about the wank in that fandom, but we had/have some really awesome resources. Character essays and stuff were really great. I mean, sometimes it was fucking pretentious as hell, but I wish I had some of the same stuff for the latest fandoms I've been involved in, you know? I really felt like I was within a community of writers in BtVS fandom, unlike any fandom that came after. Maybe I'll write nostalgic meta about it one day.

OH, right. Well, the nomination is for one of the only BtVS fics I've written in the past year, and it's Baker's Surprise, in the 'Best Fluff' category at the Willowy Goodness Awards.

ETA: and another one! geez. Family Means No One Gets Left Behind nominated for 'Best Friendship'

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okay so one of these days I will stop talking about Leverage but that's not gonna be anytime soon.

there is an episode... I haven't watched it yet, but I was looking around Tumblr and I got um, spoiled for this episode and cut for a really ridiculous spoiler ) <-- no really, it's a ridiculous spoiler and I've only got it under the cut because some people. but also because discovering this particular thing should happen and I kinda want you to click that cut tag just to read this spoiler so you can understand how AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS this show is.

the episode in question is s4e5.

I do not understand why more people didn't watch this show. Okay, so I was talking to [personal profile] majoline about it and she was like 'TNT made this show seem bad! the ads for it kinda sucked!' and she is so so right because I remember seeing ads for this show and even knowing that Christian Kane was in it did not sell me on it because the promos for it did not actually tell me what I actually needed to know.

It's like when I got into bandom. many paragraphs about prior fandoms and what hooked me into them and then there's a couple of tangents! )

I had a point in there I think. But I lost it somewhere along the way.

*scratches head*
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I love Fanlore so much. I love that editing or creating pages on Fanlore is something anyone can do, and that it makes me feel like I'm doing something awesome for fandom, even if it's just making sure Shepherd Book's name is no longer red on the Firefly page. :D It's just a stub now, but if any of you know of some cool Book-centric fics or vids or meta that should be linked, please edit the entry or let me know about them so I can!
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I wrote a short Kirk/Bones fic with [personal profile] ladycat which is in beta right now (or will be momentarily), and now I'm writing two Gaila fics simultaneously. I can't remember the last time I wrote this much for a fandom. I'm so inspired, it's wonderful.

I have to go to the grocery store today, which means taking a shower, getting dressed, and driving to the store. All of these things are no fun. Why does the world require things like going to the store? Why can't I just be a smelly hermit with a lot of cats? >:(


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