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Stiles Stilinski and the Societas Draconistrarum (25419 words) by Green
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Underage
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Original Non-Human Character(s), The Alpha Pack - Character, Original Characters, Alan Deaton, Sheriff Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, Isaac Lahey, Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Peter Hale

Stiles becomes a Host for a dragon symbiote under difficult circumstances, then has to learn to live with her in his head. Meanwhile, there's a secret society after him at the same time the Alpha pack threatens everyone in town.

and paleogymnast made cover art! it is HERE.
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wow, so many new people! I admit I went a little crazy on the friending meme. again. but so many people looked so cool!

*looks at inbox*

SEVENTEEN new people. Be patient with me while I get to know you.

I wasn't going to post a getting to know me meme thingy, but maybe I should. what kinds of things do you want to know?

Did I mention that I finished the rough draft of my Dragon Big Bang? OH YEAH, BBS.

still taking gifty icon requests. leave a comment with what/who you want and I'll do my best to make something pretty. my icons aren't too ugly. :)
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fics I'm writing or planning to write:

1. Dragon Big Bang (90% 100% complete!!!)
2. Fandom Aid auction fic (75% complete)
3. the Stiles/Stiles/Derek mirror universe fic (35% complete)
4. the Awake AU (hahaha 5% complete)(in need of consultation with another TW fan or two or three*)
5. Harlequin Big Bang (in planning stages)
6. Tentacle Big Bang (no plans yet)

*if you are interested in being this person, hit me up on gtalk (beingagreenmother) or AIM (beingagreenmum). I welcome new TW fans to chat with and talk about writing with. :D?**

I'm not really doing any actual writing today, since Meg is home. At least I don't think I am. Maybe I will if she goes down for a nap, but she's been fighting naps lately. Which sucks because then she has more seizures later in the day and at night before bed.

**oh right, footnotes are supposed to come at the end. my bad.

OH, and before I forget, if any of you want an interest icon or two for the holidays, drop me a line and I will do my best to make you something pretty.
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1. Finished the first play-through of Dragon Age 2 (as a female rogue) the other day, and now I'm playing again as a mage. Female, again. The face is the same except for the swipe of red across the nose that I had as a rogue. I don't know who to romance this time, but Anders is just so angsty and in need of romancing! (we lived happily ever after in the first play-through.) Maybe I'll choose Merrill this time. We'll see how the story goes.

2. I also downloaded the new Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. I haven't played with it yet, except to start the main Dragonborn quest, which happens when spoiler -- stuff happens ).

3. I mostly got Dragon Age 2 and the new Skyrim content for the boys when they visit. I'm just ... testing it out. Okay? But now I'm broke again because downloading games and DLC costs money. :( I don't know where I'm going to get money for gas to drive to Gainesville in a couple of weeks.

4. I finished the big climactic action scene for Dragon Big Bang. It was more anxiety-producing than fun, and now I'm worried that I let everyone off the hook too easily. For a time I considered killing off Sheriff Stilinski, but dude, he's my favorite adult. (not counting Derek as an adult. He's got the whole arrested emotional development going on)

5. I really do say dude? Dude. Maybe Stiles is rubbing off on me.

6. I'm watching Labyrinth again today. AGAIN.
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1. I added some people to my circle from the DW friending meme. They are all TW people. \o/ Hi new people!

2. Went to Meg's holiday program at her school today. It was ace.

3. Am almost done with my Dragon Big Bang! Well, I'm in the middle of the climax, and then I'll have some more stuff to write but then I'll be DONE, BABYYYYYYYY!

4. Saw Adam today! He looks good. Happy.

...that is all for now.
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my dragon big bang is now affectionately called "OMG WHERE DID THAT PLOT TWIST COME FROM?" and is about 14,200 words long and growing by the day.

did I mention I'm supposed to be going back to school? if everything works out and I don't freak too badly, I'll be starting back January 7th. I have mixed feelings. Last time I went to school I lost touch with fannishness and didn't write anything or make icons or art or anything like that. :(

speaking of art, I downloaded inkscape. now, I'm an Illustrator girl, but this wee computer won't tolerate Illy. so i'm giving inkscape a try. hmmmm. let's see what I come up with. I have Sterek art planned. \o/? but first I have to relearn an entirely new program with different features, extra features, and in some cases less features. I'm going to be going through some basic tutorials in order to learn, which is how I learned Illy. Tuts+ has a slew of Illy tutorials but precious few for Inkscape. I don't know, you guys. NEW GROUND TO COVER.

so. writing. school. art. um, what else?

well, an update on meg, I guess. she's not doing too well. we keep juggling her meds hoping a new cocktail or different dosages will somehow jar her out of this seizure problem of hers, but since she's been having them for fifteen years, our hopes aren't too high. it's been almost a year since she got worse and while she's gained a little ground since we changed back to the original neurologist, she's still having two types of seizures -- one where she drops her head, drools, and shakes, and the other where she contorts and grunts. they're definitely seizures and have been caught on EEG and marked as such, so yeah. and it's just the meds we have as an option; the other options most people with intractable epilepsy have just aren't for meg. (please don't state your case for the diet or the VNS or surgery. we know the options and have weighed them against meg's happiness and well-being for YEARS.)

ugh, well, that was fun.
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my mom just told the neighborhood children to "get the hell off the lawn and if you throw a rock at the dog I'm going to bust your butt!"

sometimes mom is hilarious.

we have a FENCE, so they're not actually in the yard, just running along outside it.

now the kids are going to make up stories about my mother, the actual wicked witch of the neighborhood. there will be dares to climb the fence and fetch balls from her collection. or something.

I need to go to the grocery store and buy non-thanksgiving foods.

I run out of meds on friday and do not have an appointment to get more until next wednesday.

OMG I HAVE AN ARTIST FOR DRAGON BIG BANG! Now I really have to finish the fic, huh? :P Seriously though, I'm so excited.

I don't cuss half as much as I used to. Those of you who've been around for awhile might have noticed that.

this is pretty much a post that says nothing. HI. drop by and say hi if you're reading. also, if I haven't granted you access and you really want it, let me know, because I've fallen behind on keeping tabs on who's in and who's out.
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I have a date tomorrow! :D :D :D

I don't have any idea what to talk about on a date anymore. Um. I just read Goblin Market, so I could talk about forced goblin bukkake plus incestuous lesbianism in "children's" poetry? The essays I've since read online about the poem are a little hesitant to call it bukkake, but seriously?

Lizzie uttered not a word;
Would not open lip from lip
Lest they should cram a mouthful in:
But laughed in heart to feel the drip
Of juice that syrupped all her face,
And lodged in dimples of her chin,
And streaked her neck which quaked like curd.

(excerpt from Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti)


Let's see, what else? Besides the DATE I am going on tomorrow.

I have written 7k words of my Teen Wolf fic for Dragon Big Bang. I was on a roll and then I just ... stopped writing. And I have not gone back to it. I don't know, people. I mean, I have PLOT. Not just a vague idea, I have a whole outline and everything! I just got stuck on this one scene and now I just need to move on to the next and worry about the Problem Scene later, only it's not letting meee. /whine

I've been playing a lot of Oblivion instead of writing.

I think I need more alpha readers/cheerleaders for my fic. Any enthusiastic Teen Wolf fans out there who want to read what I have and very carefully not point out any flaws but point out only good things in order to keep me going and stuff like that? Get your pom poms ready? :D?
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Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Author sign ups start July 1st!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups

sign up with me! :D?

(it's ridiculous how excited I am over this.)


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