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Jun. 9th, 2020 06:16 pm
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Hi, and welcome to my journal! You found me!

Here are some other places you can find me:

AIM: beingagreenmum
personal tumblr: http://yogi-bogey-box.tumblr.com/
callum keith rennie tumblr: http://fuckyeahcallumkeithrennie.tumblr.com/
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/undeny
my fic at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Green
livejournal: (same content as DW) http://undeny.livejournal.com
recs: https://pinboard.in/u:greenie-green/t:recs/

you can find my art/icon/graphics credits here @ pinboard

my fic on DW is all tagged.

Friend/defriend at will. Access or none, it's all good.


Feel free to podfic, illustrate, make banners, translate, write sequels or remix my fics. Feel free to write fic for my art. Do whatever you want. Just link back to the original, okay?

So I'm giving blanket permission to make transformative works of my (solo) transformative works -- you don't have to ask! I would prefer you tell me where you've posted so I can squee about it, though, and thank you very much for choosing to do something with my stuff.

EDIT, taken from [personal profile] teaotter's policy:

Additionally, for podficcers:

If you ever need to change words/omit dialogue tags/add dialogue tags/bend, fold, spindle or punch holes in one of my fics for better podficcing purposes, please do so at will! If you do, please give yourself credit for it, wherever you would normally have notes: "this fic is by [author] with (additions/alterations/ease-of-podfic transformations/contributions/however you want to describe it) by [your name]", or "adapted for podfic by [you] from a work by [author]" or whatever variation works for you.
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hey! let's make this interactive, shall we?

I haven't been around DW or LJ much lately, but I haven't been around Tumblr lately, either, so all me interaction is coming through IM with two or three people. Which is great, that's fine, but I'm losing touch with my flist/circle, and I kind of hate that. I keep thinking 'I don't like the way fandom has changed' but I keep forgetting that a lot of the change I've been feeling is my own damned fault.

anyway, here is a question meme I stole from Tumblr to post here:

give me a number or 5 )
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been stressed out so much but now it's fixed and here's what happened... )

Okay, that's all. That's the update. The only other thing going on around here is mom being sick which means me doing more stuff around the house. And getting up with Meg at 5am every morning since mom usually does that part - getting meg ready for school and sending her off on the bus - and it's really screwed with my sleep. For some reason I'm sleeping so much more. I go back to bed once Meg is off to school and end up sleeping many extra hours. :(
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being broke SUCKS SO BAD.

and medication is too damned expensive.

and I owe mom money still, I owe her money from JULY, and she hasn't even mentioned yet what I owe from after July since I haven't paid that part yet.

and then there are things I would like to buy just for myself, just a couple of little things like BB cream and new lip gloss and a bra that fits AND is comfortable. and maybe one of these days I could get a haircut because I am so sick of ponytails. but none of those things are necessities, so I hate myself every time I look on the Sephora site or browse bra sales.

so sick of this.

also. also. there are both good things and bad things about the way all the fic is on AO3 now and people post most of their other fannish things on Tumblr instead of it all being mixed up with personal RL things at a journaling site. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, because the way I interact with others has changed dramatically in the past few years, and I am mostly hating the part where I feel like making friends has become more difficult, or at least a completely different process altogether than what it used to be.


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