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green ([personal profile] green) wrote2014-01-17 08:58 am

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taking meg to get her casts off later today.

I think I'm getting sick.

also, the whole back pain thing is getting REALLY OLD.

other than Leverage, I am without a fandom at the moment. it's an unsteady, uncomfortable, unstable feeling. it also means I am more likely/vulnerable to be pulled into new fandoms... so if you were waiting for the right moment to pull out your biggest guns, now would be the time.

but I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas at the moment.

(I still have unanswered comments in my inbox and a bunch of snowflake days to do. will get to them eventually.)
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[personal profile] waketosleep 2014-01-18 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
Yesss New Vegas. I'm working on my first playthrough and have been playing it a lot recently. I'm banned from almost every casino on the Strip now! Golly gee. *scuffs the ground innocently*
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[personal profile] everysecondtuesday 2014-01-19 07:51 am (UTC)(link)
Fallout: New Vegas is such a fun game. It also has a fandom, though I don't know very much about it outside a super small subset.

I think I have just been pulled into a new fandom, by which I mean that I have just discovered that apparently the Hobbit movies have caused one of my ten year old bb self's OTPs to explode over a decade and a half later. It went from one (very sad) fic to appr. a bajillion. It is such a delightful and weird thing.