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Cycle of Souls by green (MCR, multipairing, NC-17)

Title: Cycle of Souls
Author: Green
Mixer: [ profile] tygermine
Artist: TBA
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairings: Gerard/everyone
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: religious themes, angst, character death, felching, mentions of incest, pseudo-incest, rough sex, threesomes, soulmates, reincarnation, voyeurism, bloodplay, biting, mild D/s, sex with a 17 year old, happy ending.
Summary: Gerard loses his brother in the 17th century, and is turned shortly after. He grieves for his lost brother for centuries, but becomes content when he meets a man named Frank. Now, in the 21st century, he sees someone who looks exactly like his lost brother. In fact, he's positive the young Mikey is his dead brother come back to life. Will Mikey accept a vampire into his life, or is Gerard destined to lose him yet again?
Beta credit: Many thanks to [personal profile] mizubyte/[ profile] b_dsaint for improving this.

Mix Post
Art Post (TBA)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three
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OMG it's posted!! OMG Yeah!!!!!! \o/ it's so goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rushes off to rec to everyone*
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*hugs* it was fun!!!!!!!! you worked SO HARD on this, and it is awesome and just... yeah!!! immediately going in my delicious sweetie, for reals
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You've posted it, wheeeeee!!

[personal profile] sinfulprayers 2010-10-08 07:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I loved this so, so, so much! It was very well-written and intriguing. Definitely one of my favorites. :)
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[personal profile] imsinkingfast 2010-10-10 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
It has easily been five years since I read any fic over 1000 words. But, vampires and MCR, my two favorite things right now, how could I not read this! And OMG I am so glad because I loved it! You are truly, truly talented!