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Hi, and welcome to my journal! You found me!

Here are some other places you can find me:

AIM: beingagreenmum
personal tumblr:
callum keith rennie tumblr:
my fic at AO3:
livejournal: (same content as DW)

you can find my art/icon/graphics credits here @ pinboard

my fic on DW is all tagged.

Friend/defriend at will. Access or none, it's all good.


Feel free to podfic, illustrate, make banners, translate, write sequels or remix my fics. Feel free to write fic for my art. Do whatever you want. Just link back to the original, okay?

So I'm giving blanket permission to make transformative works of my (solo) transformative works -- you don't have to ask! I would prefer you tell me where you've posted so I can squee about it, though, and thank you very much for choosing to do something with my stuff.

EDIT, taken from [personal profile] teaotter's policy:

Additionally, for podficcers:

If you ever need to change words/omit dialogue tags/add dialogue tags/bend, fold, spindle or punch holes in one of my fics for better podficcing purposes, please do so at will! If you do, please give yourself credit for it, wherever you would normally have notes: "this fic is by [author] with (additions/alterations/ease-of-podfic transformations/contributions/however you want to describe it) by [your name]", or "adapted for podfic by [you] from a work by [author]" or whatever variation works for you.
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I wrote 497 words today. that's more than I've written in months and months. I'm so happy about this. :D
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WIP list updated for 2016. I added and subtracted for accuracy, and updated word counts.

I may, at some point, finish and post a fic again. MAYBE.

I'm also tinkering with vidding again. Who knows if anything will come of that, either.
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for [community profile] onedeadplotbunny: Make a list.

(this is the 3rd year I've done this, I think)

I have a bunny doc that I add to as ideas pop into my head, but I am never going to write them all. Nor do I want to. But here are the projects I want to complete at some point over the next few months (or year; that's much more realistic).

current WIPs:

set the sun, rise the moon (8 out of probably 25ish chapters written and posted)
steter, close to canon, alpha!stiles

for great justice! (4 of 7 chapters written)
steter, vengeance demon!stiles

stars 'verse:
(stetopher omegaverse)
Starcrossed - Petopher prequel
Starlight - mpreg sequel

Begging me To Open Up My Mouth (18 of 20ish 27 chapters written)
steter bdsm au

auction fic (just signed up)

there are some others I have but these are the ones I'm focused on at the moment.
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last night I made a spreadsheet

for my Inception fic

which is more than a fic now, it's a series, which makes it easier for me to think about it now

but I think it's going to be a loose-ish collection of fics ranging in size from 250 to 5k words

but the 'verse spans 20+ years so you can see where I'd need help keeping track of it

yay spreadsheets :D

(xposted to tumblr)
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I am now the proud owner of a brand new HEATING PAD! (cheaper than the sunbeam site says; I bought it for $29.84 from Walmart)

The one I've been using off and on for the past couple of years was given to me by my mom's ex-husband. It didn't have a brand on it anywhere, and it was vinyl with a cheap, thin snap cover. The closest I can find at the moment is like this one, though mine was much older. The main problem with heating pads like that is that they scrunch up and fold in on themselves, and I was constantly scared that it would short out like that.

Just the fact that the new one is NOT VINYL is a huge plus. The automatic timer (turns off after 2 hours) seemed annoying to me at first (though you can turn that feature off and make it stay on if you like), but it's probably a good thing. I do tend to leave the heating pad on for a long time and that could result in burning (though this model doesn't get as hot as the old one), so I'm going to try to use it for 2 hours, take a short break, then put it on for another 2 hours, and so on.

Some of the reviews I've read about this one state that they burn out over time. I really, really hope this isn't going to happen to mine since it took me ages to get a new one and if it stops working I'm going to be so fucked. The heating pad is the only thing that works besides the Percocet. :\

in other news: I wrote about 600 words today and plan to write more before bed. however, the words aren't on any of my WIPs, but for a totally different fic idea that popped into my head out of the blue today. well, not really. I started to write on a fic I'd abandoned almost 3 years ago, but once I wrote a few paragraphs thought of a totally different predicament this character could find himself in...
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being sick sucks.

and apparently I'm just going to get worse.

on the up side, I wrote about 350 words last night right before I passed out from exhaustion and Percocet. yay me!
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no new actual words.

HOWEVER! I did manage to finish the outline for my first Frostiron fic. I'm hoping I can write it.

The other two fics I'm sorta actively working on (the Inception time travel and my Sterek for [ profile] teenwolfbigbang) continue to flit around in my mind and one day I'll do more than think about them aggressively.

I could use more sounding boards or cheerleaders. If you're interested in either Arthur/Eames, Loki/Tony Stark, or Derek/Stiles ABO, you could leave a comment and maybe we can chat about it?
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So many WIPs. Too many, really. But I'd love to get one or two of them finished before 2015 rolls around. To help me get these straight in my mind, I've compiled a list!

a couple of unfinished works I have lying around gdocs )

Pom-pom wave at me if you want?
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I seem to be better at making notes and outlining than doing actual writing.

But anyway, I have two fics in a series plotted out, plus a couple of ideas for side stories in the same 'verse.

I only have 4668 actual words of it written, but that's still writing, right?
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today so far I have written over a thousand words. sometimes that seems like very little but today that seems like a hell of a lot! :D

I am hoping to write more once Meg goes to bed for the night, but even if that doesn't happen I will be completely cool with today's output. (right?)
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1. Stiles is pretty sure TVTropes has a page about this.

2. "Don't … do anything where Ty can see, please," he says shakily, not wanting his son to be scarred for life by the sight of his human father's body torn to pieces in front of him.

3. One day, while searching online and following link after hidden link until he lands on an illegal website, he finally gets what it is. He understands for the first time what rebellion means.
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[note to self: do something to update the writercon page at fanlore!]

okay, no that's out of the way. so...



If you've never participated in the collective misery that is [ profile] wrisomifu, you really should try it. It's... well. I don't know how to explain it to someone who's never experienced it! It's one of my favorite times of year. Not because of the writing that gets done (because let's face it, that's not the most important part, no matter what we may say), but the wonderful sense of community I get from being a part of this group. And as you all should know by now, I'm in fandom for the community first and foremost.

But even if you don't give a shit about making friends and getting that warm fuzzy community vibe, you might want to check it out anyway for the whole low-pressure writing encouragement thing we've got going on. You're allowed (and highly encouraged) to whine as much as you want.

Oh, right, the official deal is to write for 10 minutes every day in November and check in about it. It's a locked community on LJ, but you can sign up here in thirdbird's post or here in fitofpique's post! Signups last until midnight Oct 31st.

Aaaand, my computer keeps restarting itself and thank goodness for the saved draft feature, but I'm not gonna push my luck anymore, so that's all I have to say for now.


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