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Have been watching season 1 of SG-1 again. A lot of it was cringeworthy. But I just rewatched 1x15, Cor-ai, and was crying. It is such a great episode. Omgggg. At the beginning I was talking to my bestie about how Teal'c needed to start changing his facial expressions more because he looks pretty disgusted at everything, but then I was like '...wait. WAIT.'

I didn't even remember this ep, how is that possible? But it is so far the best of season 1.

I'm watching on Amazon Prime Video but I think Stargate eps are going to be taken off here soon. I need to recheck.

And now I need to read some Teal'c fic.
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I have been watching sg-1. normally I would ask for fic recs but I can't concentrate to do that.

HOWEVER, I can make icons.

anybody got any icon requests? or prompts?

I can't really write. although I have the idea for a killjoys fic. PROBABLY because I've been playing Borderlands a lot. idk, maybe instead of killjoys I'll write MCR on Pandora.

I start school next week. I go to my advisor in TWO DAYS. *hyperventilates*

I do think I'll look for all the episode tags on ao3 for some of these awesome episodes of sg-1.

I love teal'c SO MUCH.


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