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ten icons for [ profile] 10in30 over on LJ, the theme was "it's good to be bad" (villains) and I picked Frank Castle, Hannibal Lecter, and Peter Hale.

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Okay, here's my original to-do list. I've been keeping it updated. It tells me that I really need to get on the ball with my Peter/Derek/Stiles fic, figure out my Original Reverse Bang, and write the final draft of my idfic. Um, I mean my WEREWOLF BIG BANG fic. Which is idfic and I'm seriously worried about posting it and showing the world just how far I can sink when it comes to writing with my lizard brain.

It's Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you.

It's also FCBD and one of the free comics is the new Killjoys. I am SO JEALOUS of those of you who have access to a comics store. But uh, my birthday is in two days, so if you want to go out and get me a FREE present, you go for it! :P

Does anyone want my recipe for funeral potatoes? They're my new go-to comfort food and I really want to share.

I had icons to share with you but I've decided I don't like any of them. They were all experimental and the only ones I like are these 5:

They're all shareable, please credit, don't hotlink, don't upload to fanpop.
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Teen Wolf, Bones, Person of Interest, Psych, My Chemical Romance, Stargate: Atlantis
(including request icons)


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Sooooo. I made some icons. I experimented a lot. Some of them came out really well okay and some of them ... didn't. I'm posting them all, so there! You have to sort through the bad ones to get to the good slightly better ones! Or maybe the bad ones will make the okay ones look even better. HA!

Under the cut we have many fandoms!

5 due south
4 labyrinth
7 brave
5 the goonies
4 stargate: atlantis
1 the princess bride
4 teen wolf
4 the avengers
4 doctor who
1 farscape
2 sherlock (bbc)
7 pitch perfect


bad: (just tell me to stay away from text altogether, okay?)

good: (at least, it seems okay to me. might be one of the bad ones!)

I focused overly on vibrant color on a couple of these, and went crazy with composition and blocking on others. Heh. (I meant to make a batch for [ profile] theiconquest, but nothing I do is questy-enough. the first challenge is 'adventure' and you can tell I tried to do some adventure-themed icons here, but ugh. not ready. maybe the next batch.)

I don't save .PSDs, I hardly ever use scripts, and there's nothing in particular I do to every cap to prep it. I deal with every icon on an individual basis! however, if you would like me to explain approximately how I did something in a particular icon, I can try to do that. :D?

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ALSO! I have some icon-sized textures I've been making. Is anyone interested in ones like this:


OR I could just write up a tutorial on how to make them, since they're super easy to make on your own and that way everyone isn't using the same textures, you know? Let me know what you think.

99 iconses

Dec. 20th, 2012 12:27 pm
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Here are the 100 99 icons I said I'd make, though I have more to make, more time and more requests. Hee. But anyway, take what you want, but don't forget to credit me. And comments are wonderful. ♥

(I have been looking at other icon makers' icons and I'm a little bummed because mine would be so much better if I just spent more time on them. I'm going to go for smaller batches and better quality for the next icon post.)


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yesterday, I did NOTHING. the only productive thing I did was make dinner (frittata, it was okayish). today I'm going to write. I'm going to finish my FandomAid auction fic if it KILLS ME. (why can't I just have someone else write all the smut for me. why?)

*toes dirt* I, um, picked up a few more friends at the friending meme. HI NEW PEOPLE! but that's it, I'm not adding anyone else. unless they add me first. (in which case I will squee and add them back gleefully)

it seems that no one wants icons! seriously, I want to make icons for you. do you think my icons are sucky, is that it? do you need samples? I'll give you samples! (if I can. OMG PHOTOBUCKET, STOP BEING CRAZY)

other icons in this post: the walking dead, teen wolf, sherlock, due south, bucky barnes, avengers

some more icons you might want to snag under the cut - not in order )

oh, so. I was talking to someone on okcupid and I think I scared him away by talking about religion. see, I asked him to tell me something that's not on his profile, so he tells me he used to be Catholic and left the church and is now basically agnostic. so I tell him about how I'm technically Noahide if you want to put a label on me, and how I think of my religion as Judaism but can't quite identify as Jewish since I haven't converted yet. Maybe I rambled about it too much, IDK. all I know is that he hasn't responded since that message.

OH WAIT HE JUST RESPONDED. haha, I'm so paranoid. *goes to read*


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