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update on my liiiiiife

I'm doing pretty well. The medications I'm on have been good. I'm finally scheduled to see someone about my back.

DJ still isn't talking to me, but he graduated on Sunday. I was able to watch via live feed. He's signed up to go into the Air Force for 6 years. They want him for NASA or intelligence, they told him. I don't know if we can trust them, but I guess we'll see.

I miss him a lot.

My relationship with Zachary is really good though. We talk all the time, text and Facetime, and I try to support him no matter what his current passion is. It was drawing for awhile, which I could really get behind, but now he seems to be leaning more toward... gardening? I don't even know.

Meg was falling down a lot until we got to the doctor and he figured out it was vertigo from allergies. We got her on a new antihistamine and she's stopped falling.

As for me, other than the YAY MEDS working, I've been writing a lot. Unfortunately, everything I write is super long so I'm not actually posting much.

I probably left a lot out, so if you have a question just ask. I'd love some interaction.
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[personal profile] ride_4ever 2017-05-24 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Hiiiiii! Here's some interaction! In what fandom are you writing this super-long stuff? Or is it original fiction?
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Hi there! Good to hear things are going well for you :)

I've been absent from DW for a long time, and very few of my friends are still here, but I really want to get back to the journal interaction, so... let's! What's your fandom these days? Or is the writing something else?
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Ah, yes... I was never a HUGE fan, but I enjoyed Teen Wolf for some time. Haven't kept up for a couple years, though. But yes, fandom is huge!

I've sort of not been very fandom oriented for a while - although I've been very much into different shows and such, I just didn't really feel like getting into fics, and I'm not really sure where to find discussions these days. Just recently Black Sails has made me try to find some, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of fandom activity going on.

What kind of gardening is Zachary into? Flower designs, vegetables, fruit trees, other things?
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Lol, okay! Sounds like fun, and I also like to grow odd edible/useful things - I have no experience with those examples in Denmark, though :)
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Glad you found a med combination that works, that's always super helpful.
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Just sending some ::hugs:: for you!!
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*drive by waves at you and your Teen Wolf!* WRITING YAY.
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It's good to see you post!

Enjoy your writing.