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green ([personal profile] green) wrote2014-02-10 12:46 pm

*screams in frustration*

not even gonna type it out, because thinking too hard about this web of problems is going to make me MORE anxious.

RL sucks at the moment.

hugs would not go amiss, if you are comfortable giving them. good, calming thoughts, too.
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:::hugs::: from the left coast.
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*hugs gently*
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*sends ALL the hugs and lots of calming thoughts*

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*all the hugs*

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I know, right? *hugs more* That was an incredibly long depressive downswing I had. (Still depressed, but now able to talk to people!)

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There were months where the only person I could make myself talk to was Sofy, and that was mostly because she didn't give me a choice (and that was the right thing for her to do, btw). I'm closer to my Dad than I am to almost anyone, and I think there was a period of about three months when Sofy sent him a couple of "she's alive" emails just to keep him from panicking, because I literally could not.

I'm getting that down to days and hours, not months and weeks, now, and it feels good. I'm not naive enough to think it'll never get bad again, but it isn't *now* and I plan to enjoy it.

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*hugs you more*
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*hugs* I am sending you all the calm vibes I can muster.
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hugs bb <3 *calm thoughts*
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Hugs and all the calm I can send telepathically. ♥
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*hugs tight*
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*all my hugs*