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you guys! I had no idea people even still ran fic awards! but I found out because apparently I'm nominated. \o/ (and following links has me so nostalgic for Buffy fandom, especially when links reminded me of the BTVS Writers Guild. Say what you will about the wank in that fandom, but we had/have some really awesome resources. Character essays and stuff were really great. I mean, sometimes it was fucking pretentious as hell, but I wish I had some of the same stuff for the latest fandoms I've been involved in, you know? I really felt like I was within a community of writers in BtVS fandom, unlike any fandom that came after. Maybe I'll write nostalgic meta about it one day.

OH, right. Well, the nomination is for one of the only BtVS fics I've written in the past year, and it's Baker's Surprise, in the 'Best Fluff' category at the Willowy Goodness Awards.

ETA: and another one! geez. Family Means No One Gets Left Behind nominated for 'Best Friendship'

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Yay! Congrats!!
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Congratulations! (No, I'd no idea fic awards still existed. Totally a blast from the past :-)