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leverage thoughts on completing the series (the first watch)

well, I have now seen all of Leverage. It's very sad to me that I've seen them all. Having no new episodes to see is NOT GOOD. But wow, what an amazing ride.

there were some parts I didn't like: most of them having to do with things like NATE or NATE/SOPHIE. wtf, no, seriously? why did they get so much screen time? the only thing that saved it was the fact that Timothy Hutton can actually act, and also that Gina Bellman is kinda mesmerizingly beautiful. But that doesn't meant that their characters were interesting enough to hog the script when I could have been watching Hardison or Parker or Eliot during that time, you know?

but the rest I loved. LOVED. also, this is the first show I've ever seen where I ship an OT3 above all other pairings. I adore the hardison/parker ship, but when I think about it I just want eliot in there, too. I like hardison/eliot slash, but if I try to get into it in a super way I just get sad that parker's been left out. I'VE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE. I don't know how to handle these feelings! I might have to write something to work it out. you know. for my own emotional well-being. :)

okay, and now I'm off to play Fallout 3 for a bit before going back and watching Leverage all over again.

(oh, and ALSO, did you know there are only 4 complete fics on ao3 with the label of Parker/Sterling? and that none of them are what I want and need?)
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I've never thought of Parker/Sterling. Hmm. When I'm shipping Parker outside the OT3, I usually point her toward Maggie. Hmm.
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Nate was so annoying. I totally feel you on more Elliot/Parker/Hardison.
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That reminds me I still have a half-finished Parker/Eliot/Hardison pic of them playing with a tentacle plant - must get onto that and finish it!
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I haven't watched Leverage yet, but I'm starting to think I ought to.

I know what you mean about the OT3, though... I actually find a lot of fandoms where this solves problems. Nine/Rose/Jack, Peter/El/Neal, Tony/Pepper/Loki, and of course the original Trio, because if Harry isn't distracted by Draco in leather pants, I feel sad if Ron and Hermione leave him out.
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I'm so stoked that you are thinking of writing the OT3. I love what you said about how you can ship them as couples, but feel sad when the third person is left out. It's just how I feel about them.

Now that you are done I'm linking you to the Leverage vid of my heart.

If you enjoy case file fic, I'm reading a fun Leverage/AtS fic that features twins. You know who of course. Here's the link in case you feel a need for such a story, Mattaltu by [ profile] LithiumDoll.
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That's great. I borked the link for the fic, which I just realized and came back to fix it. Here's the right one incase anyone else wants it, mattaltu.

It's a gem of a vid when you are in the mood.