Sep. 21st, 2016

green: Peter Hale with the text "Satan in a V-neck" (teen wolf: peter (satan in a v-neck))
I was sick over the weekend. Some kind of stomach bug. It sucked.

I hate tumblr and I'm not sold on imzy. somebody rejuvenate DW for me. Fandom is so weird these days. I don't like it. Well, that's not 100% true. I have a nice chat server lately that I like.

I just miss LJ and DW a lot.

Because I was sick, I messed up my writing streak so now it's down to nothing again. I had almost a whole month of writing every day. I've been using WordKeeperAlpha for keeping track.

I have a new computer because the old one was overheating all the time. But the new one kinda sucks. It's slow because I didn't spend a lot on it, and it already has a battery problem. I should probably send it back to Amazon.

I'm currently writing 2 Stiles/Peter WIPs and a Stiles/Peter/Chris one. I am still in Teen Wolf fandom. I keep thinking I'm going to end up leaving it but I manage to keep sticking around. I haven't even watched it in... ahem. Years, probably. Wow.


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